Datalog instructions:

First, you will need to download the SCT software to Datalog. 


Click the link below to download: 

You are downloading and installing the Live Link Gen-II software for data logging purposes.

You will also need to download the Device updater software to be able to update the tuning device and transfer tune files to the device. 

Download Page


Now for some simple instructions on how to datalog:

Using your laptop with the livelink software open, plug in the tuning device via the USB to serial cable and then plug in the OBDII cable to the vehicle. Next, either start the vehicle or turn the key to the "on" position.

 If you did not get a “Configuration file” with your email tune then see below; If you did get a config file then open that file using the Live Link Gen-II software after checking communications with the vehicle and all the proper parameters will fill in themselves.

Now follow the guided directions for "I want to create a configuration file”. From here you will want to click on the box next to the following items;

Select only paramaters listed in lower case.

Select paramaters listed under the following categories:






















Note: You should have 10 paramaters selected when finished. 


There might be other parameters that need to be datalogged but that will depend on your particular application; the above list is for a generic Lightning. Cobra's and late model Mustangs will vary and you should contact me directly for that information.


Now if you have a wideband and can input the analog voltage out via a firewire cable, you can hook that up and click on the analog box, then setup the proper calculations for datalogging airfuel.


Starting a datalog:

Most of the time we will only need the initial datalog to consist of the vehicle fully warmed up and idling. 

Please make sure the vehicle is warmed up to operating temperature unless we state otherwise. 

Start the datalog by clicking on the green button (located at the top left corner of the screen). Log for a good 2-3 minutes, then click the red button, (located next to the green button) to stop the log. Next, click save and save the file where you can easily find it to send it to us via email. (Save to desktop) this way it is easy to locate. Livelink will save that file as a csv for easy viewing.


After we look at the datalog we will adjust the tune and send it to you in a ll3 format. Below is the proper software for each type of tuning module:



The link below is also a huge help to those with questions that were not answered here. There are also product tutorial videos on how to update the firmware for each device along with formatting each device. 

Tech Support


I hope this information is helpful and we also help that it will speed up the process of getting our custom tunes out to those that need them updated.  If you have any other questions, please email or call us and we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner.


Thank you for choosing Woodbine Motorsports.